Malaysian GP Friday Photos

Our great partner The Redline is featuring our photos this weekend from Sepang Malaysia – make sure you check out their Friday practice coverage.

Formula Legend now available in Polski!

Polski? Formula Legend is now available in Polish on both iOS and Android thanks to our partner Wyprzedź Mnie! We’ve also made F1 news available in Polish right inside the game.

Formula Legend now available in Polish

Formula Legend now available in Polish

The latest version also includes a fix for offline play without an internet connection and an update to the livery for Frank’s – martini anyone?

Updated livery for Frank's

Updated livery for Frank’s


Formula Legend 2014 update comes to iOS

Very excited to announce that Formula Legend 1.5.2 has just been released for iOS devices. This is a significant update with all the 2014 cars, drivers, tracks and rules. You may not like the look of the new noses, but you’ll love taking part in the 2014 season – just in time for the big race next weekend!

There is also a stack of other fixes and updates including the ability to listen to background music while you play, and some fixes to the way that pitstops are handled under yellow flags. More detail here.

We’re also excited to announce that we’re partnering with to add full Turkish support and real turkish F1 news to the game.


2014 noses look amazing in Formula Legend

Android update adds more news sources & resolves issues

Great news – a new version of Formula Legend for Android has just been released that deals with some serious issues from the previous release (locking some users out of the game). These issues should now be resolved.

Also.. we’ve added news from some new providers including the Jack Leslie F1 Blog and Polish F1 news from Wyprzedź Mnie!

This has delayed the iOS version, but it’s now in review with Apple again…

Formula Legend in Turkish!

That’s right – we’ve added another language – you can now enjoy your favourite mobile F1 management sim in Turkish for the first time – thanks to the great team at It’s part of v1.5.1 which was just released for Android, and is coming soon to iOS.

Also included in this release:

  • Listen to background music
  • Tweaks to the 2014 season
  • Lots of small updates & fixes
Formula Legend is now available in Turkish

Formula Legend is now available in Turkish


New cars, new tracks, new drivers!

The 2014 update to Formula Legend for Android has just been released! Make sure you update to version 1.5 to get access to the new 2014 cars, tracks, drivers and rules right away!

The news cars may look a bit ugly in real life, but they look great in the new version of Formula Legend and we’ll be updating their look & performance as they evolve throughout the year.

Let the battle of the noses begin! Formula Legend 1.5 includes new 2014 cars.

Let the battle of the noses begin! Formula Legend 1.5 includes new 2014 cars.

Three new tracks are included in the 2014 Formula Legend season – Hockenheimring (Germany), Red Ass Ring (Austria), and Sochi International Street Circuit (Russia) – and we’re pleased to welcome drivers Bevan Magnet (to McChlorine), Dan Kvy (to Burro Rosso), and Kam Kobi + Mark Eric (to Cat In Hand).

Team changes for Dan Ricard (to Red Ass), Kimster Raker (to Stallion), Pasta Malrinara (to Boatus), Sergy Pretzel + Viko Hulk (to Rage Ragasthan), Hadrian Suty (to Saucer) and Philip Masta (to Frank’s) are sure to shake things up and create some on-track action!

If you have the PRO Pack you will now have the ability to select 2013 or 2014 every time you start a new season – you can even edit the team and driver names for each season independently.

This release also includes a whole new piece of functionality – real F1 news from your all your favourite F1 news providers – right inside the game. The top menu now contains a scrolling set of news headlines – just tap to go through to the full article. You can even configure the content by changing the mix of news providers. Welcome to our news providers, The Redline and

Lots of fixes were also included in this release:

  • Addressed issue with yellow flag pitting
  • Season history display enhanced and expanded including better scrolling
  • Tyres must actually be fitted for their mandatory status to be updated
  • When you are out of the race your fuel and tyres no longer degrade
  • Points now displayed correctly on top menu
  • Factory reset now returning drivers to correct teams in editor
  • New switches for settings dialog

Coming soon…. more languages including Turkish & Polish, more news providers, increased difficulty, more functionality!

Thanks to all the amazing Formula Legend fans who continue to support the game and provide amazing input and ideas through the feedback site.

New review on and featured a great review of Formula Legend today – make sure you check it out!

“Fancy yourself as a F1 manager? Formula Legend might warrant a closer look on iOS where such fantasies can be experienced… Formula Legend is a fun diversion to kill some time waiting for the train, or your prescription to be filled at the pharmacy, or waiting for the police to turn up to a dispute over a backyard fence.”


Formula Legend iOS updated with Yellow Flag periods

Hey iOS Formula Legend fans – we’ve just pushed out a new version – make sure you grab the update (1.4.1).

Excited to announce NEW PRO safety car periods due to crashes & car failures – be sure to pit right after the yellow flag comes out!

* NEW: Spanish translation (thanks Fran!)
* NEW: Option to slow simulation to half-speed
* Updated Portuguese & German translations

Safety Car periods added to Formula Legend for iOS

Safety Car periods added to Formula Legend for iOS

Grab It Magazine features Nathan’s favourite mobile games of 2013

Interested in what I’m playing? Check out this article in Grab It Magazine to see my favourite games of 2013!

Formula Legend comes in at P17 in the best 50 iPad Games of 2013

Nathan’s favourite mobile games of 2013!

Formula Legend adds safety cars + Español + Português + Deutsch!

Check out the ultimate mobile racing management game – Formula Legend 1.4 was just released for Android (coming soon for iOS)!

Yes, this is the game Bernie Ecclestone didn’t want you to see, but WE’RE BACK – bigger & better than ever. We’ve just added safety car periods to make the races more challenging for PRO users, and you can now play the full game in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish!

We’ve even added the ability to slow the game to half speed if you need a little more time to make decisions each lap.

Thanks to all of our amazing fans for their support and ideas that have been contributed on – they are really appreciated!

Yellow flags - now appearing in Formula Legend

Yellow flags – now appearing in Formula Legend

Safety car periods add to the challenge

Safety car periods add to the challenge